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The story of The Pump begins near the banks of the Murray River, Australia’s longest river, and the source of life in the arid regions of South East Australia. Our grapes are sourced from the fertile river valley soils and fed by the sunlight for which this region is famous.


Winemaking is done with the most modern methods to ensure that the flavour from the region is retained in the final product.


TreeLine wines are made by an Italian family famous as grape growers in the region for many generations. The current generation turned to making wines just as their ancestors loved. They now share these wines with their good customers and friends.


For lovers of wine, The Pump brings three varieties Cabernet Merlot; Shiraz Cabernet and Chardonnay.


Cabernet Merlot is the smooth one with softer style for easy drinking.


Shiraz Cabernet is the spicy stronger flavour for those who like big meat dishes.


Chardonnay is a light refreshing tangy drink to make you laugh.

Our tasting notes give a more detailed view on these wines.


Cabernet Merlot

Tasting Note: This is a luscious Australian Cabernet Merlot, exhibiting ripe cherry and dark chocolate characters, rounded off with robust spicy tannins and integrated smoky oak.

Shiraz Cabernet

Tasting Note: A medium bodied wine with strong undercurrent of spice and blackberry/plum flavours. This wine has reasonable acid balance and a soft mouth feel. The oak is restrained and does not overpower the fruit.  Best with beef dishes and also acceptable for drinking on its own.


Tasting Note: Lighter in style than its predecessors. This provides a more fresh fruit approach with less wood and more zesty peach and lemon haracteristics. Mildly acid, it will work well with dishes such as crab and creamy pasta dishes. It works well for afternoon drinking and pre dinner drinks.

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